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Bird Watching

I’m not a twitcher but over the years have got a lot of pleasure watching our feathered friends in the garden or hedges. Our lounge is at the front of our property so not only do I get to see … Continue reading

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The moon by day

Due to cloudy skies and late moon risings, we were unable to view the Flower Moon at the end of May. I was disappointed, but there will be other moons to photograph. The sky is a brilliant blue today and … Continue reading

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Looking out my window……..

It was 8 pm, and I could not believe what I was seeing. I eventually got the camera and took these through the glass.   A female muntjac deer. My Mum would have been thrilled!!

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Welcome Visitors: a reblog for April 2nd 2021

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
It’s taken a while to get to writing this post, which in a way is actually in two halves! I walked Maggie in the park on my own this morning. As things turn out, she has…

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Has Beens

Hands up those who remember the advert in the UK Beanz meanz Heinz? As a kid, I was never a fan of beans, much preferring spaghetti but I was in a minority. If Mum could get the small tins, or … Continue reading

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Observations 22nd March

Hospitals are uncomfortable places to be at the best of times, but especially now. You turn up for your appointment to be greeted by a masked member of staff sitting at a desk which has no computer monitor, phone or … Continue reading

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Puppy Fix with a twist

We’ve just got back from our walk and I thought you would enjoy these. I apologise for the quality as they were taken with my phone and are tiny shots. We called it in and apparently the sanctuary staff had … Continue reading

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Our walk today 24th February

We had a wonderful walk this morning and were out for almost an hour! I meant to mention the other day that Geraldine has an alias as another couple call her Blondie. We saw her eating out of their hands, … Continue reading

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People watching 27th January

This is something I haven’t done for a while as to be honest, we’ve been too intent doing what has to be done and getting back to base as soon as possible. I used to enjoy people watching as we’d … Continue reading

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Tied up with a pretty bow

We’ve noticed on our walks recently an abundance of blue bows on trees, gateposts, doors and fences. We asked our neighbour if she knew what they were all about, and apparently it is a means to show support to all … Continue reading

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