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Surprise visitor in our road

We have a couple of black cats roaming the streets and I’ve mentioned before that it’s not unusual to see foxes running up and down our road. I’ve also said that we have seen badgers here too. The ducks were … Continue reading

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I never thought I’d say it………………

But bring back the lockdown! Our field trip was a non event other than doing the first of June’s shopping early. Traffic wasn’t that bad, but the picnic area car parks were filling up, and those in the supermarket. OMG. … Continue reading

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Trees around us

So many trees are in blossom and we’ve had a camera handy to take some photos. Hubby took these with my phone at the picnic area where we take Maggie sometimes: On my walk the other day I took these … Continue reading

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Hot off the press today………….

We have just got back from walking in the park which was quite pleasurable apart from the umpteen tourists we saw and had to avoid. Did any of them think about going a different way or keeping their distance in … Continue reading

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A shower, freckles, and the norm

In the shower this morning I realised it’s been six months since my surgery. As I soaped and checked myself it’s as if my chest has always been this way, as the scar is perfectly smooth and there is no … Continue reading

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Observations 14th April

After a bit of a dodgy start to the day, it’s turned out glorious, so we’ve made the most of it. Not quite warm enough for shirtsleeves on our walks, cardigans were good enough. Walking through the park, there was … Continue reading

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Our observations today 24th March

After our PM’s announcement yesterday, we decided to go out in the car this morning to see what was happening around us. OK, you could say we were flouting what was said, but we needed to know where to shop, … Continue reading

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