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Weasel or Stoat

On our travels along country roads recently, we had seen the scurrying of squirrels, weasels and stoats across our path, and so far have not contributed to the road kill that is sadly still apparent. We were a little anxious … Continue reading

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So out of touch…….

Prices are rocketing across the board and it is hard to find bargains as families feel the squeeze on already overstretched budgets. Energy, fuel, taxation and high inflation is biting hard and some A**hole in government said that people should … Continue reading

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Changes are afoot………. or ahead

I’ve noticed for quite a while that some challenges are disappearing, for example Tale Weaver, First Line Friday, Six Word Story Prompt, Monday’s Wordle, and Sunday Photo Prompt to name just a few. I miss them, but not volunteering to … Continue reading

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Observations on 3TC

There are a lot of people who set word challenges, myself included. The Three Things Challenge is a daily word prompt, and I schedule several at a time in case there is a problem with our internet connection or we’re … Continue reading

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Today’s Walk 12th February

We set off this afternoon around 1.30, walking up along the flats and then the prom towards town. The wind was picking up but as it was behind us, we didn’t get sand blown in our faces. We noticed something … Continue reading

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Weekend Sky 21st January

Hammad Rais is our host for the Weekend sky and I’m jumping the gun a bit here. The noise overhead was deafening and it took a while to get sorted with the camera. The little Nikon got some shots and … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different…………

I’m talking about shampoo. Gone are the days of dry, normal and greasy choices. Even the medicated stuff has strings attached. There is just so much on the market, when all I want to do is wash my hair and … Continue reading

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Twenty Four Hours later: 7th November

We are all back together after our Bug-Out exercise yesterday and this afternoon walked up to the prom to see what damage may have been done. We were pleased, and relieved, to see no evidence of the sea defenses being … Continue reading

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People Watching in a Car Park

I haven’t had the chance to people watch for some considerable time, so sitting in the car yesterday waiting for Hubby gave me an opportunity. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it did seem a little ‘odd’,  though there … Continue reading

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A pleasant surprise

We had a good shopping session after Hubby’s INR this morning. As expected he is out of range, but only just, so all being well it should settle down by next week. We decided to visit the Co-op in the … Continue reading

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