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Sneaky changes

They’ve been playing again. There are little brown boxes around some of the headings on my ‘New Post’ input screen. See?? Also on the categories menu list, sometimes no ticks appear when I select one, just another brown box so … Continue reading

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A change is a foot…….. or a few yards

It’s been a funny day. Hubby and I both woke up around 2.40 this morning cold and shivering. His teeth were chattering and my feet were cold. Maggie was also chilled, so I covered her with the throwover and we … Continue reading

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Something stupid

Have you ever suddenly noticed something really bizarre, that is totally out of sync, irrelevant or just plain stupid? Like I take the dog out for  wee and then she comes in and drinks her bowl almost dry as if … Continue reading

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Builder’s Bum

Sitting in the car waiting for Hubby to come out of the chemists, I saw the builder’s bum of all builder’s bums,  and it was not a pretty sight. I make no secret of the fact that I am a … Continue reading

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Shopping List

Way back in the nineties and between dogs, Hubby and I arranged a couple of Treasure Hunts for our work colleagues and friends as so many of them were complaining about being bored, nothing on the telly, no money and … Continue reading

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Dear Imogen

Yes, we are due to have another visitation, and this one is rumoured to be a doozie. But I’m laughing about it. As I sit in glorious, albeit draughty, sunshine, I watch the white fluffy clouds in a blue sky … Continue reading

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Another Fine Mess

Laurel and Hardy comes to mind here, but they were the furthest from my mind as I took Maggie for her walk this morning. I’ve said in previous posts how dog friendly it is here. There are doggie bins in practically … Continue reading

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Wednesday Walk

The kiss of the dew in the morning A whisper of breath in the air Seen, but not really noticed Without you beside me to share. The sound of the birds in the treetops, The stealth of a cat on the … Continue reading

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The Pizza Kid

Apparently Pizza heads the top ten favourite foods (source) based on over 8,000 votes. With a choice of heaven knows how many toppings now, I must admit it comes into our top 5, mainly because for less than a fiver … Continue reading

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