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Pure nonsense or Genius?

Driving back from town this morning, Hubby and I were listening to the radio on the subject of infinite numbers and infinity. The amount of time and money being spent on proving that there is no ‘end number’ infinite or … Continue reading

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Lucky Number

Following on from my ‘666’ post, I thought I might do a few on a numbers theme. This would therefore be a good start I think. I always thought my lucky number was 8. For me, 8 was a nice … Continue reading

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Three hundred and thirty three posts ago, I wondered what I’d be writing about now. 666, AKA The Number of The Beast (we’ve all seen The Omen films, creepy stuff). But did you know: “666 is the sum of the … Continue reading

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All the Eights

I realised something today as I was walking the dog. Our new car will be our eighth. Not eighth car, but eighth new car. I said yesterday that I like round numbers. For years in my early working life I … Continue reading

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Who’s running who?

For the past four weeks, I have done nothing but run figures. Now the damn things have turned and are running me. I wake up and they’re flashing through my head. I have breakfast and I’m mentally counting. We walk … Continue reading

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A Good Result?

I am confused. The results are in for the 2014 RSPB Bird Watch, and I don’t understand. A few years ago, the result showed a decline in Sparrows. Not in my garden. The hedge out front and next door’s buddlia … Continue reading

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8 2 3 4

I woke up this morning with these numbers trying to escape from behind my closed eyelids as I ignored the alarm, snuggled back under the duvet against the dog (she was on top of it) and tried to doze for … Continue reading

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