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I hear the sound………….

of distant Karaoke. And it was BAD!!! Sitting out on the drive this afternoon chatting to my neighbour so that we could still socialise although Hubby is in isolation (he stayed indoors), we could hear loud music and wondered if … Continue reading

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When things go boom

We were sitting here quite contentedly minding our own business when we heard a bang. It sounded like a heavy door slamming, but we checked outside and could see nothing. A few moments later, there was a bigger bang, both … Continue reading

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It’s started

We have had pops, bangs, whizzes and whooshes for the past half hour, and not only are they are still going strong, but they’re getting louder, so hopefully the grand finale frantic megga whoosh and almighty bang is literally minutes … Continue reading

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Excuse me but………………

We’ve been here eleven months and getting to know the neighbours by name now. Across the way is a family who love the sun and spend most of their time in front of their garage door as it’s the hottest … Continue reading

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Noisy or what!

It is a gloriously sunny day today but still cold. I didn’t think I’d need my hat on our trip to the beach car park this morning but won’t be so silly next time. Took me an age to feel … Continue reading

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And the Pops go on

As we sit here listening to a specific CD at a relatively high volume, Maggie is curled up behind my chair as tight into the corner as she can get. There are fireworks going off all around us, and whilst … Continue reading

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Alarming Up

We have always been thankful that unless someone steps onto our boat, Maggie doesn’t normally bark should anyone go by. This was also a godsend when we were camping, and the only time I remember her grumbling through the night … Continue reading

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Inconsiderate in their consideration

I’m beginning to think the radiotherapy is puckering up my sense of humour as well as my breast tissue and I’m turning into an old shrew! I don’t mean to be a party pooper or rain on anyone’s parade BUT: … Continue reading

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They say what goes around comes around, and I suppose to some extent that’s true. I mean, I played a prank on my brother by putting his ‘pintas required today ‘clock to 5  and some years later when I was … Continue reading

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Feeling Goosed

There was an awful lot of gaggling going on in the adjacent field this evening as we took Maggie out for her final wee. Being dark, we couldn’t see very much other than the deck lights and boats, but the … Continue reading

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