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Nightmare Demons

They come at night, Stealthy, creeping, silent, As subconsciousness breaks They enter, I awaken screaming. The creature oozing out of the wall Becoming one with shadows But eyes gleam, legs stretch Coming for me, Enhancing my fears. The light snaps … Continue reading


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Out of the darkness

Nightmares can be scary, and whilst this one woke me up, in the daylight and from what I can remember of it, it is totally ridiculous! Desperate, tentatively turn on the light, Bathroom in shadows, Creeping, moving. Light bulb swings … Continue reading

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Dreams and poetry

I had a nightmare last night, crying out in my sleep and Hubby coming in to calm me. It was 4 am. I have no idea what triggers them. Some people say not to eat cheese or chocolate before going … Continue reading

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Night demons

They come in the night, Cowardly, taking advantage Over the tired and weary, Weak and vulnerable, Where sleep is a distant friend. Defences down, they invade dreams: Lurking in shadows, From darkness they creep, A Silent Menace On the attack. … Continue reading

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In Darkness

Leave A light On for me. I fear darkness And all it’s shadows. My mind plays tricks on me When I can hear but not see My senses heighten, I’m afraid Please don’t leave me here alone tonight. I hear … Continue reading

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Black water

In the silence of shadow, The clock ticks. A gentle rhythmic sound There is nothing to fear. As time passes, The heating clicks, Settling down to night, And sleep beckons near. Silently walking Along the sands of time, All is … Continue reading

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A Dream for Halloween

Once again you come to me in slumber. Teasing from the shadows, Making me aware of your presence But not prepared to show yourself. In the empty void of space I call a name. It echoes off the walls To … Continue reading

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Anger Revisited

After all these years You come for me in dreams, Unbidden, unwanted, unwelcome, You tread into my life. How dare you Try to intimidate me, Intrude upon my inner sanctuary Of which you never had a part. I am not … Continue reading

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Dark Dream

Darkness all around, Running me to ground, Cruel laughter the only sound Bar my breathing And erratic heart. I’m backed into a room A candle flickers in the gloom, They’ll catch up with me soon, Ignore my pleading And the … Continue reading

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Poem without a title

Crawling out of the shadows Having hidden behind the Gate of Day You sneak unbidden into my dreams. Under the cloak of night You call to me, A mask of warmth belying your true intent. You try to lure me … Continue reading

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