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Headline eye catcher 13th June

I’ll probably come under fire for this, but this Mum has my full support. At last, a parent who is not afraid to discipline her kids for playing up in public (link) You can say I have a nerve as … Continue reading

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Poser for you

Question in a third grader’s Maths homework. Janell has 15 marbles. She lost some of them. How many does Janell have now?(link) Yeah, right. My answer is 13 or less, as ‘some’ is more than one. The official answer apparently … Continue reading

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Don’t bet on it

The hourly radio news lead story today is about gambling and the government’s intentions to restrict the set amount on fixed odds betting machines (link). For months, if not years, TV adverts have been full of ways to gamble, from … Continue reading

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Headline prompt

This was a headline that Hubby brought to my attention this morning. “Little girl left in tears after nobody turned up to birthday………… “source Daily Mirror People can be so unkind, thoughtless and ignorant. This is not the first time … Continue reading


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To Open or Not to Open?

I sent a couple of letters out earlier this week to Sis and Other Brother to put them in the picture as to Humphrey and his demise. I’d delayed in letting them know until we knew what we were up … Continue reading

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Dispose of your Income here

I couldn’t resist commenting on the other news headline mentioned in my previous post. I’ve had all day to think about it, and quite honestly, I’m terrified. OK, they’re talking about the ‘average’ household, and I know we are far … Continue reading

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A matter of opinion

Apparently, I, and others like me, are a threat. It has been suggested that we are as big a threat as terrorism (link) and (link) The key word here is  BIG. And you know what, that makes me MAD. Especially as there … Continue reading

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Terms of Endearment

There was an article on the news the other day about a Nursing Home staff being taken to task for calling residents ‘Sweetie’, ‘Darling’, ‘Love’ and ‘Handsome’. Why? Because some blithering idiot thought it was disrespectful and demeaning. What utter … Continue reading

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The End of the Page Three Era?

I can hear the sobs from here. Men and boys of all ages will be saddened if there is any truth in this: Is Page Three Set To Disappear From The Sun? [source] I know of one guy in particular … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday (not)

There is one little boy who after today is likely to lose all his friends and no-one will ever want to come to his birthday party ever again. Why? Because his mother has slapped a bill for £15.95 on the … Continue reading

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