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News Headline: Lockdowns

OK, fair warning, this is a rant as my anger rises about how pathetic our politicians are. This is my five cents worth, my opinion, and I’m perfectly happy for readers sick of hearing about the virus giving this post … Continue reading

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A couple of headline snippets

As everyone in the UK is aware, trying to obtain practical PPE is difficult here. Hubby prefers FFP3 /P98 masks as it provides 98% protection against contagions, but has been unable to get any for months. The one-use disposable items … Continue reading

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The News

As we don’t have a TV, Hubby likes to browse the internet for foreign news channels. It has proven to be a good way to keep on top of recent events. I wonder if any of my readers would be … Continue reading

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Cons and betrayal

The radio, newspapers and the internet are full of the Brexit shambles. Hubby and I have been listening to the MPs in parliament shouting and arguing for the past three days, votes are being cast now on amendments of amendments, … Continue reading

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Congratulations are in order

Not surprisingly, there has been a royal announcement and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to be proud parents in the Spring. Had my baby radar on alert when she got out of the car on Friday, just the … Continue reading

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Hairy, bare-y

The subject on the radio this morning whilst we were driving into town to pick up our newly purchased desk was Beards. Now that we’re back home and I’ve had a chance to look it up, apparently ¬†“43% of women … Continue reading

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Marrying into Royalty: a personal view

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m waiting for the official announcement that a Lord/Lady Sussex is on the way. She looked lovely, and they look happy. It’s not easy living in a goldfish bowl, no matter how ornately decorated, … Continue reading

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Headline grabber 2: 31st July 2018

WARNING: not the usual kind of post from me, but the subject matter is enough to make anyone’s blood boil. When I was a kid, we had gangs, all boys, all girls and a mixture of the two and little … Continue reading

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Headline grabber: 31st July

I saw this article this morning, and being the number cruncher/budget gal I am, couldn’t resist a response Can you really survive on the State Pension alone? (link) Things like this make me laugh, or at least smile, then when … Continue reading

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Product Recall

Hubby and I don’t buy sweetcorn unless it’s in a bag of frozen mixed veg, so when we saw this headline a couple of days ago, we weren’t too worried (source). Warning to cook frozen sweetcorn properly after nine¬†deaths That … Continue reading

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