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Would this work?

I was reading the headlines in Yahoo this morning and this was one of them (source) Millions of over 60s living a ‘soulless life’ without money for eating out or holidays I am 66 and lucky to have a partner … Continue reading

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Lockdown savings

There was a rather interesting headline on Yahoo today, and you know me, anything to save a few bob (source) Woman who saved £10,000 during first two lockdowns shares her tips for stashing the cash My five eggs worth says … Continue reading

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Headline comment: 8th October 2018

We had a new boiler fitted last year, a must for us to heat our home and hot water, just like millions of others. Then today I read this: Gas boilers must be scrapped within decades to combat climate change, … Continue reading

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Headline : Bride cancels her wedding after guests refuse to pay for it

WTF? I really saw red at this!!!! https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/weddings/106616470/bride-cancels-her-wedding-after-guests-refuse-to-pay-for-it A couple of years after I first married (1977), a work colleague showed me his wedding list. Washing machine, cooker, tumble dryer, fridge freezer, lawn mower, colour TV, video player, to name … Continue reading


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Life begins at Forty

thousand pounds a year it seems. Hubby drew my attention to this (source) Then he played around a bit with a site called minimumincome.org.uk  which confirmed that our joint income does not allow us to have a decent standard of living. … Continue reading

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Friday Headline

Warning: Dog Cruelty Headlines like this make me absolutely furious (source) Prison would destroy his life would it? Tough. Prison is too good for him anyway. I cannot understand how anyone can do this to an animal. We are supposed … Continue reading

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