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Now where did I see that?

I can always tell when Hubby has had a tidy up as I can’t find anything. Even when the crash site was in a muddle I knew roughly where to put my hand on things like the extension lead or … Continue reading

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Time management

When I was working, I had good time management skills. Everything got done and I never missed a deadline for my reports. Come retirement, some ten years ago now (I took it early when we left Poole and moved to … Continue reading

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It rains here too!

It’s raining. Hard. Heavy. The fat stuff. Had we purchased the bungalow in the road closer to the town, we would have a big pond outside the front door, and every time someone drove past, our car would have got … Continue reading

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One of those days……….

It started off pretty much as normal, with Hubby awake just after five in desperate need of a drink. This cold/flu or whatever bug it was has certainly taken it out of him as he has had it way worse … Continue reading

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Just passing by………………

Sometimes when you’re not particularly looking for something, an opportunity presents itself which is worth investigating. Yesterday, Hubby attacked our packing crates, and a lot of the linens and clothes were a little stale. It meant washing a few things … Continue reading

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October 5th entry

Maggie got us up once in the night, and I have a theory that it’s to do with the medication wearing off making her restless and anxious. Today, I gave her just under half a dose first thing and so … Continue reading

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Morning walk on the beach 4th October.

Both of us were walking Maggie just after 7am, and hope that a third night of interrupted sleep does not mean she’s got into a bad habit that needs to be broken. She obviously wasn’t feeling very sociable as she … Continue reading

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Oct 3rd: new house

Hubby collected Maggie at 3.30 yesterday. The vet didn’t take the lump out as apparently it would leave too big a hole and might be unnecessary, hence just the biopsy. She was already dosed up so I gave her a … Continue reading

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Oct 2: new home

I’ve had one of the roughest nights for ages thanks to this annoying cough that has manifested itself shortly after having my flu jab a couple of weeks ago. Around this time of year, I always get a cough, but … Continue reading

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Oct 1st: new house

In days of old, Sunday was a day of rest, but at the moment it’s a case of getting on with the rest of it. First of October today, the start of a new month, so much to do and … Continue reading

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