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A chair, a piece of string and a paper fish

OK,  I’ve flipped. Either the heat or lockdown has got to me, but you know what? I don’t care as I have raised a few smiles today from the comfort of my drive and social distancing. The neighbours both sides … Continue reading

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Excuse me but………………

We’ve been here eleven months and getting to know the neighbours by name now. Across the way is a family who love the sun and spend most of their time in front of their garage door as it’s the hottest … Continue reading

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Alarming Up

We have always been thankful that unless someone steps onto our boat, Maggie doesn’t normally bark should anyone go by. This was also a godsend when we were camping, and the only time I remember her grumbling through the night … Continue reading

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Motorway Traffic

The M5 was busy yesterday, so much so that when we came back from town, we were glad we weren’t on it, as traffic was at a standstill. Later, we saw the motorway from another perspective, and although traffic was … Continue reading

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I’m one of hundreds of people who cannot seem to help themselves looking into windows when the curtains are open and the lights are on. I’m not being nosy, I don’t want to know what people have or haven’t got,  … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Dark Side

What more could you ask to entice people away? Except maybe this. There are 2 boats to a pontoon finger, and by all accounts we will be having a new neighbour in the next couple of weeks.

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Clean Up Duty

They opened the door and were greeted with the dry stuffiness of a house not lived in for many months. Their instructions were clear. In the kitchen, all opened packets were to be dumped. Anything intact and within date was … Continue reading

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They Come at Night

With Bonfire Night not so far away, please remember to check your wood piles before lighting them for hedgehogs as they will be looking for places to hibernate (November to March). Many years ago, we had no pets as we … Continue reading

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