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Walk in the Woods 12th January: a reblog for Sunday Confessionals.

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
When we arrived, the car park was quiet, so we guessed we were likely to meet up with people because it always seems to work out that way. The sun through the trees was quite lovely,…

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Weasel or Stoat

On our travels along country roads recently, we had seen the scurrying of squirrels, weasels and stoats across our path, and so far have not contributed to the road kill that is sadly still apparent. We were a little anxious … Continue reading

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More photos from our walk today

As I’ve said, the woods are spacious and there are so many tracks and pathways, sometimes you feel you’re entirely alone with nature. We remembered this from years ago. There wasn’t so much undergrowth in front of it then and … Continue reading

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Bird Watching

I’m not a twitcher but over the years have got a lot of pleasure watching our feathered friends in the garden or hedges. Our lounge is at the front of our property so not only do I get to see … Continue reading

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Cute alert May 16th

We had been told that there was just one gosling chick last week, but when our neighbour walked through the park on Friday, she said she’d seen three families. We decided to walk there today armed with my new camera … Continue reading

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Puppy Fix with a twist

We’ve just got back from our walk and I thought you would enjoy these. I apologise for the quality as they were taken with my phone and are tiny shots. We called it in and apparently the sanctuary staff had … Continue reading

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Flight of the Fairies

Do you believe in Fairies? At the moment they’re everywhere, twisting and turning in the breeze, thousands of them.   I always called them fairies, and would handle them gently as if they were made of the finest glass. As … Continue reading

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Trees around us

So many trees are in blossom and we’ve had a camera handy to take some photos. Hubby took these with my phone at the picnic area where we take Maggie sometimes: On my walk the other day I took these … Continue reading

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Garden and greenhouse update

I’ve been taking more pictures now that we’ve got something positive to show as I was sure you wouldn’t want to see boring patches of dirt! OK then, on the window sill in the bedroom I have 10 tomato plants … Continue reading

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Welcome Visitors

It’s taken a while to get to writing this post, which in a way is actually in two halves! I walked Maggie in the park on my own this morning. As things turn out, she has only had three walks … Continue reading

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