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Names, Houses and TLAs

Have you ever wondered how people came up with some of the more original house names? When we bought the cottage in 2007, it was already named, and we had a lovely plaque on the front wall with the picture … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

Hubby and I have always liked to greet counter staff by name if we know it. One of our favoured coffee shops has a variety of staff, and since being here, we have got to know them pretty well. Maggie … Continue reading

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It shouldn’t happen, but it did

Hands up those of you who remember All Creatures Great and Small, stories by James Herriot (3rd October 1916 – 23rd February 1995) about his days as a vet. We were given one of his books last year and told … Continue reading

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Spelling, a common sense story

This post is based on fact, but any names and addresses have been changed to protect the innocent (and stupid). We have all experienced the problem of having our names misspelt or misheard. In fact, one of the reasons a … Continue reading

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Sunday Walk Thought

I’ve said previously that Hubby and I talk about a lot of things on our walks, but when I’m on my own, it’s a bit difficult having a conversation as people either think you’re ‘odd’ for talking to yourself or … Continue reading

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A Rose by any other name………

Courtesy of WIKI: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a commonly quoted part of a dialogue in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet But what is in a name? And how many flowers/plants are used … Continue reading

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Cars, today and yesterday

  We had a funny conversation walking the dog today, about cars we’ve both owned over the years. Hubby said he couldn’t remember much about his, apart from how reliable (or not) they were, and of course me insulting his … Continue reading

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