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Headline comment: can you believe it?

I saw this yesterday and shook my head in disbelief (source). Every bride-to-be wants a day to remember, but I have to ask if this is a legitimate report about someone who has no sense of monetary value, or a … Continue reading

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Yes, but they wanted No

I’m getting angry about something beyond my control and I’m sure I’m not alone. What follows is my opinion over the state of affairs regarding Brexit. If you want to stop reading now, I can understand and hope that subsequent … Continue reading

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Headline Catcher

Oh, oh, oh, I had to read this: Money expert defends the spending habits of woman, 30, who struggles on £40k salary (source) The woman concerned is an accounts director for a marketing company and lives with her parents in … Continue reading

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While we were away

Just my opinion on a few snippets that dominated the news: Politics: I don’t comment on this as a rule, but with the current Labour Leader election underway, it’s very much in your face. Mr Corbyn’s name was put forward … Continue reading

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Loss of a pound

Those of you familiar with my blog will know that we try not to waste anything, especially money. In the cottage at the end of our back corridor was floor to ceiling shelving full of DVDs and videos. Like our … Continue reading

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The End of the Page Three Era?

I can hear the sobs from here. Men and boys of all ages will be saddened if there is any truth in this: Is Page Three Set To Disappear From The Sun? [source] I know of one guy in particular … Continue reading

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