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A post about Kizzy

I’ve mentioned Kizzy several times before, but don’t think I’ve actually done a post on her. Partner and I had just lost his GSD (though she took a shine to me and I loved her to bits) and Toad (see … Continue reading

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Another F O C

We’ve done it again and got a freebie. When we bought our settees two years ago, the owner of the shop threw in a coffee table free of charge which has done us very well. It’s a solid piece of … Continue reading

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Although I’d write to Mum once or twice a week, towards the end of her life I knew I wouldn’t get a reply. Several times when we visited she would be reading one of my letters, and regardless of the … Continue reading

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Years Past

That was then, this is now, and the bits in between…………… ish. Rory has chosen It was a Very Good Year by Frank Sinatra as a basis for his Q&A post today: https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/05/30/it-was-a-very-good-year/ Three distinct years are mentioned in this … Continue reading

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A shower, freckles, and the norm

In the shower this morning I realised it’s been six months since my surgery. As I soaped and checked myself it’s as if my chest has always been this way, as the scar is perfectly smooth and there is no … Continue reading

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This is what we did today:

Hubby and I are totally shattered. It’s been a beautiful day and we’ve been outside in the garden. I’ve even got the pink tinge of a tan. He cut the grass the other day and had a good tidy up … Continue reading

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We’re suddenly rich!!

Our friendly mailman has brought us each letters bringing good news and comfort hysterical laughter. Hubby and I have had a pay rise! I cannot contain my excitement and working on ways to spend or save this new wealth. Hubby … Continue reading

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Our Park today

Hurrah! We have water!I took the above pictures in February. The water level is up, though I don’t think it is solely due to recent rainfall! Apparently someone saw a pipe running into the lake and the first thoughts were … Continue reading

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Intruder Alert

These days Maggie isn’t much of a guard dog. Whereas before she would sit up and take notice of unexpected sounds or footsteps on the pontoon, now she snoozes the time away, and the only time she’s likely to move, … Continue reading

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December Theme #19

Music wouldn’t be music without some Motown, and my taste in music was changing. I loved to dance, even though I wasn’t actually much good, but there was some great music around when I was in my teens, most of … Continue reading

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