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Trees and Me

I woke up with thoughts of trees this morning and feeling a little melancholy. We see trees and take them for granted, that they will always be there for us to look at and enjoy. As a child, I was … Continue reading

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Weather ’tis nobler in the mind

Or just pi 55 ing us off, damn typical. We woke up to a beautifully sunny day, stripped the beds and got the washing on. An hour later, the second load is in, and we were hanging out the first … Continue reading

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Saturday agenda

We had birds in the garden this morning! OK, they were a flock of starlings on the front lawn, but it’s a start. Portly (or Breast) was tucking in on the bird feeder. He’s the only one that feeds there, … Continue reading

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Doing something different

We started off having a lovely walk along the prom after breakfast. It was Dog Day, and I lost count of how many we saw from yorkies to GSDs and all sizes in between. Maggie was pretty good with all … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like getting your washing dry outside on a line. The biggest thing I missed when we were on the boat was my washing line. I was interviewed three times on Boat Living by the local media, even got … Continue reading

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The SWMBOs keep multiplying

Many of you know that Hubby refers to me as SWMBO. I find this very endearing, not like the idiot woman who took umbrage and left her husband who referred to her as such! Hubby is very inventive, and to … Continue reading

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Today’s agenda: 16th March

The day has begun, overcast and blowy. Neither of us slept particularly well, something disagreed with me and I felt nauseous for hours, then the meds kicked in and the hot flush from HELL surfaced. I might well try taking … Continue reading

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