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A Good Friday

Hubby and I have been thinking about Time today. Next Friday sees the beginning of March, where there seems to be a lot happening over the last weekend as the UK is due to leave the EU on the 29th, … Continue reading

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Spoke too soon…….. again

First and foremost, Hubby is home safe and sound, and we now have to wait until the end of April for the results. He had chicken curry for supper last night and cereal and toast for breakfast this morning. His … Continue reading

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Monday Maniacs

Mondays have never really bothered me, though some of the people I worked with were a miserable bunch, and it wasn’t limited to Mondays either! I was always bright and cheerful on a Monday morning, which I knew annoyed the … Continue reading

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Shall We?

It’s been a while. Six months actually, almost to the day. We stopped as the fun had gone out of it, and it was no longer a pleasurable experience. Getting on the floor gave us the wrong angle. Getting up … Continue reading

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Dear Diary: a positive start

Hubby managed to get some sleep after about 1 am, even if it was only for a few hours. I let Maggie out at 7 and again 9 o’clock, had breakfast, and then we went window shopping for a fridge … Continue reading

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2018, the year that was.

Obviously losing Mum in January was a horrible way to start the year. We have also lost three of our boating acquaintances, one of whom was a very dear friend. Overall, 2018 has not been one of our better years, … Continue reading

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Friday 12th October 2018

I wonder how she’s feeling this morning? I bet she’s been up since the early hours, probably cursing the weather and hoping it will at least stay dry for the photos. Will she have a good breakfast, or will she … Continue reading

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