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Getting grilled: a reblog for October 30th 2020

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
30th October. We intended to get on the road before nine, but as things went, we were pulling out of the car park just after 8 having been up since 6.30. It had been raining nearly…

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An old Photo

I found an old photograph today, one my Mum gave me about 10 years ago that I’d tucked away with my old passport photo. The photograph was of a young woman I didn’t know yet there is a family likeness. … Continue reading

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Although I’d write to Mum once or twice a week, towards the end of her life I knew I wouldn’t get a reply. Several times when we visited she would be reading one of my letters, and regardless of the … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Mum 2020

My Mum would have been 98 today. She would have loved to see the ducklings and goslings here. Photos taken February 2017 I remember the year Mum came up for a holiday when we were in the cottage and stayed … Continue reading

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Two Years On : 2018 – 2020

It’s two years ago today that my Mum passed away. That text message will be forever etched in my mind as I felt the bottom drop out of my stomach and splash on the floor. I was glad I’d been … Continue reading

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Missing Mum today

The hay bales are in the fields again, Some wrapped in black, some are bare, I remember your fascination When the doughnut machine held your stare. Like a young child, with hands behind Your back you stood at the window, … Continue reading

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Time to relax

Hubby has found two sets of wonderful music and put them on a key. Two hours plus of gentle music, mainly piano, but the occasional cello, guitar or flute accompaniment. It’s beautiful and he says he’s been listening to it … Continue reading

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Did I ever call you Mummy?

Did I ever call you Mummy? Either as a kid or a teen, It certainly wasn’t Mother, If you see what I mean. I referred to you as My Mum, Or just Mum so everyone knew As my love was … Continue reading

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For Mum

It’s been a year since my Mum passed away. It seems longer sometimes and other times only recently, I guess dementia does that, and the distance to travel too. Mum died on Winnie the Pooh Day. I found that out … Continue reading

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Radio Show: One Hour Special

Hubby was doing his ten pound dash today which had been postponed due to recent events, so I sat in the car with Maggie and for a change listened to the radio. The final hour of a weekly show was … Continue reading

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