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For Mum and Dad, 2021

Sunrise August 5th, 2021 As the waves kiss the morning shore, No daughter could ever love you more, Together no longer are we to be, My love is as deep as the rolling sea. Two worlds apart but close forever, … Continue reading

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Dream of Dad

Dad, I dreamed of you last night, You came to me and held me tight, I leaned into your warm embrace, Looked up into your kindly face. I must have been a child last night, In later years we were … Continue reading

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Pensive Thoughts

I said in my ‘Today Is………. ‘ post earlier that I hadn’t slept very well. In fact, when I did finally get to sleep, it was to dream of park benches, concrete and the memory of my Mum. I woke … Continue reading

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Garden of Forever

The Garden of Forever Is in full bloom today: Two souls join hands And dance beneath the sun’s rays. Their music is birdsong, The fragrance of roses close, Gliding on lightest feet Two people I loved the most. An audience … Continue reading

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May Musings

May is a busy month for us, or rather me as there is quite a lot going on. Other Brother’s wedding anniversary is on the 8th, ours is the 10th, my birthday the 12th, and Mum’s on the 22nd. Today … Continue reading

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August 5th 2019

This time last year I posted a poem for my Mum and Dad as it was their wedding anniversary and there is an entry in The Book of Remembrance for them as they were united when my Mum died in … Continue reading

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Another year

Twenty three years ago today my Dad passed away. Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the US, NZ and a host of other countries, though here in the UK we celebrated on March 31st. I don’t know why the dates vary. … Continue reading

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For Mum

It’s been a year since my Mum passed away. It seems longer sometimes and other times only recently, I guess dementia does that, and the distance to travel too. Mum died on Winnie the Pooh Day. I found that out … Continue reading

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Sundays past and present

For some reason as I was having my shower this morning, I found myself thinking about other Sundays from eons ago. You know, the ones where you have a lie in, get up at some ridiculous hour, have a long … Continue reading

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Heaven Bound

Miles away, a book lies open For many to read and remember, Loved ones, partners, parents, children, Hearts full of memories tender. This year, year one, of you reunited After twenty two years apart, Together forever, in a distant place … Continue reading

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