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Moving forward

News on the home-to-be front………….. We are a step closer in that the list of fixtures and fittings have been received and forwarded to us. Yeeee-ha!  The vendors have decided to leave the washing machine, so that will save us … Continue reading

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Queueing up to visit?

It’s a small world. We are discovering several of the people we have become friendly with, and not just in the boating world, have friends or family in Lincolnshire! When we sold our bungalow in Poole in 2007, we were … Continue reading

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How much does a boat hold?

It has been an interesting few weeks as two of our friends have changed their vessels and experienced a few problems. When we downsized from the cottage, we had no idea we’d end up buying a boat, and so all … Continue reading

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Faster than the speed of light.

Well, pretty close. We did it in a fortnight so as things have turned out, if our buyers had been upfront with their own move, they could have been in by now. All utility companies advised. Redirection of mail sorted. … Continue reading

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One room left: diary day 3

Another sunny day, but the forecast is for heavy rain later and for most of the weekend. As I look out of the patio doors, I can just see our veg patch. We have a healthy looking forest of onions … Continue reading

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C Day

After 3 sleepless nights and erratic eating habits (toast at 11pm because we’d forgotten to have an evening meal) ,  the phone rang this morning and it was our Estate Agent responding to our emails. It would appear that ANOTHER … Continue reading

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Beam Me Up

One of my favourite TV series from yesteryear was Star Trek (1966-69) . Captain Kirk always got the girl, McCoy got the laughs, Mr Spock had the eyebrow exercise, Uhura spoke to everyone through her ear appendage and Scottie engineered … Continue reading

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Who’s running who?

For the past four weeks, I have done nothing but run figures. Now the damn things have turned and are running me. I wake up and they’re flashing through my head. I have breakfast and I’m mentally counting. We walk … Continue reading

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Wake up Call

I have always thought myself to be realistic and practical. When buying a new printer for the computer, we took into account not only the purchase price, but how much it would cost (laser or ink cartridge) to ‘feed’, what … Continue reading

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