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Liquid Gold

Golden sands turn silky Under the morning sun, A new day, a new year Has silently begun. Cast away your troubles, The path leads to who knows where, Endless, seamless, beckoning To follow it to ‘There’………. A place where all … Continue reading

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Shedding Leaves

Looking out the window, Silhouettes of the night Shadow the horizon. Leaves on the trees Hang in erratic clusters, Dawn’s light teasing Between the branches, A gentle breeze Making them quiver. The silence is absolute, Nothing stirs at this hour, … Continue reading

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Thursday Walk: 19th July

I rang Bro yesterday evening as it was the start of his day and his birthday. I’d already sent a card, and he too had one of my Happy Half Year greetings. He thought my poem was fun. He’s spoken … Continue reading

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Another glorious beach walk

I was awake early and up just before 7. It was another beautiful morning so I took the dog for another walk along the beach first thing. No shar peis this morning, but I did meet up with a jack … Continue reading

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Waking Up

Arousing from sleep, I feel your soft breath on my bare shoulder. You snuggle close, and your body’s heat melds into mine. You lay a gentle kiss on my nape, gradually moving up and round to my ear, then my … Continue reading

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Saturday changes.

Hubby had a bad night and when he came back to bed in the early hours, he was cold. He snuggled into me for warmth, and I welcomed the coldness of his body¬†as my back was giving me hell and … Continue reading

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Early this morning

Just as the sun was rising and the moon was a silver arc in the sky, footsteps could be heard behind me together with a rustling in the undergrowth. The dog’s nose was sniffing in the morning dew, and a … Continue reading

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Morning Mist

Following on from my sunset, this was the morning after. In the spectacular silence, Misty fingers reach out from the riverbank, Touching, mingling on the water: Two lost souls come together, And start their journey To a secret and private … Continue reading

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Four in the Morning

Isn’t there a song about that? (Faron Young, 1986) The early flights are leaving vapour trails across the sky, and the birds are singing merrily in the trees. It looks like it’s going to be another glorious day. Maggie got … Continue reading

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Morning sounds

It’s funny what we wake up with. No, I don’t mean a dog or partner snoring in your ear or hogging all the covers. I’m talking about the first sounds of the day. When I was working, I woke up … Continue reading

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