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Weekend Sky #89

Hammad Rais is our host for the Weekend Sky photo share. I took this one of the moon rising on Feb 23rd  and forgot to publish it!

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Moon Shot

Hubby called me outside last night and to get the camera. He said I had about 5 seconds to lock and load. The Nikon was at hand so I rushed outside wondering what on earth was up and he told … Continue reading

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Some photos for you……….

The moon was glorious last night, a bright silver plate in the sky just on the wane. I got the Canon out and took some pictures, most of which actually came out! Here are a few: In order not to … Continue reading

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Snow moon, Witchy Socks, and a Frittata

I’ve seen a couple of posts about the last picture on the camera for February. I think mine was the snow moon. One picture was taken with the flash, the other without, both before the street lights came on. It … Continue reading

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I was accompanied!!!!

I’ve been for a walk. Yep. With the dog. The night before last, Hubby said I could walk with him when he took Maggie out for her final wee. We walked about 200 yards and she performed, so we could … Continue reading

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Pink Moon

We had a pink moon last night and although I took several pictures, most didn’t come out. These are the best of about 6 They were both taken at the same time, but the one on the right had the … Continue reading

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Reflective Day

I haven’t done much on my blog today but would like to share our walk last night with you. It was a really pleasant evening, not too late, but not early. The moon was full, but the sky was unusual………. … Continue reading

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The Moon and a couple of birds

Here’s something I haven’t done for a while, and that’s taken some photos. Sunday saw a full moon, which apparently was a Blood Moon, though most people in the UK didn’t see it due to heavy cloud cover. Hubby took … Continue reading

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Surfing Moon

The moon rides bareback in the night sky, The sea rolls angrily to shore, Full moon, raging tides, Uncontrollable, rampant, A beast frothing at the mouth. The moon hides behind the clouds, The sea ravages the coast Rising and threatening, … Continue reading

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Moon in the morning

It was a full moon last night and Hubby got to play with his phone camera. He took a couple of snaps the other night but when he came to view them, they hadn’t loaded. RTFM showed him that he … Continue reading

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