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In for a Penny……

I saw a headline in the news this week that they are thinking of doing away with our Penny. My first thought was that things priced at 99p would go up to £1 as no-one would be able to give … Continue reading

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Austerity Sucks

Things are looking bleak, and it’s not just the weather. Austerity measures have gone beyond endurance for many, and I for one am anxious for our future. I have always been a good money manager. This may have come from … Continue reading

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Woods Massacre

In an earlier post (What about my Tits) , I said our walks in the woods were changing. We saw part of the devastation for the first time today. Devastation isn’t the right word to describe it. Massacre covers it … Continue reading

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Animosity Unfounded

I am sure many of us at some time have met a complete stranger and thought ‘ I don’t like you’. It’s nothing they’ve said, or not said, not necessarily the way they look, but just ‘something’ you pick up … Continue reading

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A blast from the past

Going through an old foot locker, I came across an old scrapbook of poetry I’d written in the 80s. Thought I’d share this one with you as it’s based on a true story:   A Cat’s Delight   (Written 15th … Continue reading

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Foods that are good for you.

There aren’t any. If you believe everything you read, what the Experts say is good for you one week, is bad for you the next, and I’ve even read conflicting reports on the same day in the same headline group! … Continue reading

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Wishing on a Star

    We were lucky enough to view a meteor shower several weeks ago. We knew what evening it was coming, so parked out in a field around 10pm and just sat back to wait. Neither of us had any … Continue reading

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Cash or Plastic?

  I read in the paper recently that they intend to replace our current bank notes with plastic ones. New Zealand and Canada already have them, so I guess if cash in your pockets finds its way into the washing … Continue reading

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Car Boot Sale

  We’d been meaning to do it for ages, but you know how it is, somehow there never seems to be enough time. So we decided to allocate one entire weekend purely for the purpose of SORTING OUT THE JUNK. … Continue reading

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Tight or Frugal?

  Being careful or frugal is what some refer to as being tight. Though this might legitimately be the case, many have no choice, trying to make ends meet on a low income or budget.   One definition of FRUGAL … Continue reading

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