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Working on a dream

Some dreams can be so vivid, accurate and real, that when we awaken it takes a moment or two to get our bearings and come back to normality. Sometimes we don’t want to wake up and prefer to stay in … Continue reading

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I is for Incensed and Insurance

I don’t think there is anything that cannot be insured, and even if there was, somebody would find a way round it to take it on AND MAKE MONEY. Obviously in the UK we have to have the important things … Continue reading

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Chance comment, my thoughts

Hubby mentioned it and my mind went into overdrive. I wonder how you would react at the thought of……… A Cashless society. No physical money, at all.

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The Conman Market.

It doesn’t matter where we’ve lived, there has always been a market within a short driving distance. Most are twice a week, and there may be a slight difference in the number of stalls available or the wares on offer. … Continue reading

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I’m not one to complain, but………..

If I am dissatisfied with a product I have purchased and I think it necessary, a letter and wrapper/details go off to the manufacturers. I am usually compensated with vouchers (or in the case of a lost letter in the … Continue reading

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Subtle hint…..

I don’t know why I do it to myself but sometimes I just hope that Someone would consider us for a change. I have never hidden the fact that my family (other than Bro in NZ) and I are not … Continue reading

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credit rate plummets

Most of us have heard of the term ‘Credit Rating’. The way I understand it is that it is a means of ascertaining whether a borrower is a good risk to loan money to. The Economists out there will be … Continue reading

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today is confusing, frustrating, and a bloody farce. We have been with our current bankers for almost 20 years, and have never had a problem. That was until we sold our house, and were unable to give a permanent forwarding … Continue reading

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What would you do?

Here’s a poser for you. What would you do if you won a lot of money? I don’t mean a couple of thousand pounds, I mean The One. The BIG One. The One with all those lovely OOOOOOOOs on the … Continue reading

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Figuratively speaking

Always on the lookout for ways and means of saving money, I read with interest a headline “50 ways to save money in 2014” Being the hopeful gullible fool I obviously am, I clicked on the article, and the more … Continue reading

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