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Monday Peeve 28th November

I voiced a peeve on Saturday over gingernuts┬ábut it doesn’t stop there. I really must get a serious grip on the purse strings when I shop. I am usually pretty savvy and on the ball, but more of the little … Continue reading

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How typical: the Government missing the point.

I have a Monday Peeve Paula! I have just read this and shake my head in disbelief. No need to cut energy use and no risk of winter blackouts, No 10 tells public (source) As a light user consumer, the … Continue reading

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Monday Peeve 6th December

Paula Light gives us the opportunity to rant and I am taking advantage today. Every day for the past couple of weeks I have a new follower who I delete…. every day. He has popped up umpteen times before too, … Continue reading

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Monday Peeve,,,,, or any day of the week actually

It was important, and Hubby wanted me to read it, but by the time I was in a position to, it had disappeared! It was an article in the headlines about proposals to changes in pensions and taxation of. It … Continue reading

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Monday Peeve: 26th July

Paula’s Monday Peeve gives us the chance to whinge and rant about something that really pisses us off. Today we had a classic. I often moan about our doctors surgery here and how service and healthcare is seriously lacking, so … Continue reading

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The Monday Peeve 8th March

Paula has this blog series called The Monday Peeve where we can vent, rant and rave about things that piss us off. Disclaimer: This is my opinion. I have not felt this much animosity or anger against anyone for decades, … Continue reading

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Monday Peeve 1st March

Paula is our host for the Monday Peeve, and although her post for today hasn’t gone live yet, I’ve got one today. A certain couple who are due to become parents for the second time are hogging the limelight AGAIN … Continue reading

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Monday Peeve 14th December

Paula holds the reins for this one and I have a doozie. https://lightmotifs.wordpress.com/ I have said before that our GP surgery is lacking in many areas, and has let us down in respect of flu and pneumonia jabs, doctors appointments … Continue reading

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A Monday Peeve for 19th October

The Monday Peeve is Paula’s baby, You can check out this week’s here Hubby and I have been using the telephone banking service for our bank for years. It works, is simple to use, we can check balances pay any … Continue reading

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