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Invisible Lips

Step out, step forward and away, The dawning of  a new day But no sun in the sky to greet The echoing of my feet. Not chilly, cool or cold, My muscles and bones feel old, Sense the tentacles creeping … Continue reading

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All is not as it seems

My head lifts, I remain still Lest he sees and comes after, His face a mask and a voice Of cruel laughter Mocking in its cinder Burning mirth, I cringe and hide In this crypt of barren earth. Oranges turn … Continue reading

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Saturday changes.

Hubby had a bad night and when he came back to bed in the early hours, he was cold. He snuggled into me for warmth, and I welcomed the coldness of his body as my back was giving me hell and … Continue reading

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Misty Morning

At 7.10 this morning when Hubby took Maggie up for her first wee and I surfaced from the cocoon of duvet and pillows, it was clear and dry. By 7.30, it was a totally different outlook, as the mist came … Continue reading

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Interim Inspiration

“Lady in the Mist” Out of the morning mist Majestic, serene and mysterious, No-one knows her destination Just the direction she was going. Gliding sedately, gently On the ripples of the water, Not leaving a wake, Or evidence of her … Continue reading

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