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I was done!

We got to the hospital in plenty of time, so once we knew exactly where Hubby was going, I returned to the car via the cafe for a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. I said I was taking … Continue reading

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Phone Pics 6th October

I was brushing my hair this morning after my shower and Hubby decided to take a picture of it. I cut off about an inch a few weeks ago to tidy it up a bit, and my rogue streaks on … Continue reading

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Just quickly………………….

I’ve got fifteen minutes to write this before a field trip on the hunt for Jubilee Clips. Seems the ones Hubby wants come from China so are rare, but he’s hopeful. What he’s after are the ones with the ‘wing’ … Continue reading

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Snow moon, Witchy Socks, and a Frittata

I’ve seen a couple of posts about the last picture on the camera for February. I think mine was the snow moon. One picture was taken with the flash, the other without, both before the street lights came on. It … Continue reading

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Technology? Pah!!

Hubby had an early eye appointment today so we were up with the lark as it was a 35 mile drive and we wanted to miss the traffic/rush hour. As is always the case if we have to be up … Continue reading

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Something stupid

Have you ever suddenly noticed something really bizarre, that is totally out of sync, irrelevant or just plain stupid? Like I take the dog out forĀ  wee and then she comes in and drinks her bowl almost dry as if … Continue reading

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Coffee and Computers

After doing the laundry today and getting my two sheets of Zeros for cards, Hubby and I decided to treat ourselves to a bun. We were asked if we’d like a breakfast roll as it was gone 11 am and … Continue reading

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Lost for words

I’m at a loss for words today, It’s possible they’ve all run away, Prompts gave me all I had to say, My mood is such a dismal grey. Thick socks and shoes upon my feet I walk the dog along … Continue reading

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Who said anything about a pick axe and a saucepan?

Hubby had to collect his new distant vision glasses today and the plan was to do some shopping afterwards, which included a new shoe rack, Maggie’s boots and the master phone socket for the wall. The glasses are great, and … Continue reading

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2018, the year that was.

Obviously losing Mum in January was a horrible way to start the year. We have also lost three of our boating acquaintances, one of whom was a very dear friend. Overall, 2018 has not been one of our better years, … Continue reading

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