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Tale Weaver #180 – Growth – 19/7/18

Michael’s given us GROWTH as the subject for this week’s Tale Weaver. It could be personal growth, physical growth, spiritual growth, you could explore growth in terms of changes, which could be environmental, the possibilities are endless. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/19271780/posts/1929455934 When Hubby … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #222

Thanks Sarah. This was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/19271780/posts/1926948685 Image credit Gamze Bozkaya via Unsplash ‘Swing me higher Daddy! I want to touch the sky!!’

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Tale Weaver – #174 – Making Sense of Nonsense

Ah, a funny one this time Michael! https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/19271780/posts/1882172415 Use the above image as a basis for a tale that maybe explains the image as being deeply metaphorical or just plain silly. ‘Simon!’ Miles shouted. ‘What?’ came the distant reply. ‘I … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver #173

Thanks Michael for offering us a bit of reminiscing! “This week weave a tale around something from days of old.” https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/19271780/posts/1873858864 The house had been empty for some 20 years, and been sold more or less for a song as … Continue reading

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MLMM: Wordle #198

For some reason, this didn’t come into my reader today. You can check out the list and challenge here: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/05/28/wordle-198-wordle-mlmm-amwriting/ Credit: Candice Daoud 1. Absent 2. Acerbic 3. Nestle 4. Numerous 5. Behavior 6. Deleterious 7. Parched 8. Particular 9. … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver – #172 –Libraries – 24 May 2018

This week’s tale weaver is to revolve around a library or librarian/s. He gives us a list of quotes to consider as well as this picture: Neil Gaiman perfectly describes what’s happening in digital times: “Google can bring you back … Continue reading

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Wordle #197

Details of the challenge are here: These are our words this week. 1. Rapid 2. Material 3. Beast 4. Sequence 5. Actual 6. Amaryllis 7. Offscreen 8. Untoward 9. Negative 10. Escapist 11. Neurochemical 12. I can’t find the last … Continue reading

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