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Childhood Memory

I saw a CCTV clip yesterday where a male pushed an elderly woman in Manhattan (she was apparently 92) causing her to fall and hit her head on a fire hydrant. This was totally unprovoked, cruel, vindictive and spiteful, and … Continue reading

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On the First Day of Christmas

A bit of fun and nonsense for December posts, plus a few happy memories of Christmases past. Hopefully I can keep it going every day between now and the 25th, so my offerings will be haphazard and leading up to … Continue reading

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Birthday’s Past

I found myself thinking about a relative whose birthday it was today. She was related by marriage, being the fourth wife and widow of my paternal grandfather. Mum, Dad and I lived with them for almost a year in 1972-73. … Continue reading

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The Visit

We arrived at 1.38pm after a 5 am start. Mum was resting and we were shown to her new room, which was below the ground floor but accessible via a lift. The staff were very nice and attentive, explaining that … Continue reading

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Our Guiding Light

Many of my readers know that although we are not religious, we often visited The Abbey to light candles for our Dads. There didn’t need to be a special occasion, but over the years it has become a kind of … Continue reading

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Between Then and Now

I wear my heart on an open page, Free for all to read if they take the time, But who can see what’s not visible here, Realise what is written between the lines. Who can relate to a pain so … Continue reading

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A Memory Dances

A memory dances, Distant, elusive Teasing as it passes In and out of thought. Seconds seem like hours, Days, a minute of time, A forgotten, yet familiar face, Is lost in a single blink of an eye. Limbs in rhythm, … Continue reading

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A Fork in the River.

Well actually two. Hubby did the washing up, and if we have particularly heavily particled water, rather than tip it down the sink, we open the window and chuck it straight into the marina. We started doing this a little … Continue reading

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Crystal Maze

We celebrated our Crystal anniversary in 2006. It was quite a year as my sister celebrated her Pearl anniversary (30 years), it was my Half Century birthday (sadly no 50% telegram from HRH), and Dad had been gone ten. The … Continue reading

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Sign of Aging

Hubby and I have often joked with my Mum that she’s not the only one who tends to forget things. Recently we’ve known her go into the kitchen to put the kettle on and come out with a tee towel … Continue reading

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