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Grassy memories

The council guys have been in our road cutting the grass today.  One had a sit on mower and was content to cut the pavement before he realised what the grinding noise was, and two had strimmers merrily strimming around … Continue reading

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Elderflowers and wine

You may remember these pictures from last year Well the tree is in flower now and everything is white. Sadly my phone took lousy pictures My Dad made wine. It was lovely stuff, and in later years more like rocket … Continue reading

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Someone’s else’s idea………….

A week or so ago I did a post on my card making and a reader mentioned sending a little package of cards to my aunt who had been unable to get out to purchase Easter cards. I’ve had a … Continue reading

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Community Spirit

I was born in a council house and there were quite a few young families on our estate and in our road. Next door there were 6 children, three older and three younger than me, three doors up there were … Continue reading

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Memories of Dad

Every day when we walk the dog round the block, we pass a tree laden, no GROANING, with elderberries. These pictures were taken with my phone last night, but don’t begin to give you an idea of just how much … Continue reading

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Missing Mum today

The hay bales are in the fields again, Some wrapped in black, some are bare, I remember your fascination When the doughnut machine held your stare. Like a young child, with hands behind Your back you stood at the window, … Continue reading

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Ancient

Not all that long ago, anything over 50 years of age was considered to be an antique. Like UK pension entitlements, the goalposts have been changed, and it is now anything over 100 years of age is now entitled to … Continue reading

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Vista

Frank has given us a stunning photograph of his theme of VISTA this week. Details of that and his challenge are here: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/43011194/posts/2284210994 No mountain views from the river, but driving to the Malverns was completely doable when we were … Continue reading

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Nonfiction Prompt – May 20

Teresa has given us the theme of Memory Lane for the week. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/82277260/posts/2282889469 Today it’s movies. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new movie, which isn’t surprising as there is absolutely nothing that takes our fancy! There are … Continue reading

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You Dirty Rat

Just as I was beginning to get excited at the prospect of birds coming into the garden, I pulled back the curtains this morning and saw activity on the bird feeder. A bloody rat!!! That is not on, and I … Continue reading

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