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You Dirty Rat

Just as I was beginning to get excited at the prospect of birds coming into the garden, I pulled back the curtains this morning and saw activity on the bird feeder. A bloody rat!!! That is not on, and I … Continue reading

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For Barney

This is my contribution for Bee’s challenge https://thebeewritesdownloads.wordpress.com/2019/02/20/love-is-in-da-blog-20-a-love-song-for-our-pets-prompt-post-for-february-21th/ I love Il Divo and had just bought their first album. This was one of the tracks, and was actually playing on the radio when we got the phone call calling us … Continue reading

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Woodland memories

It’s been a beautiful day today, too sunny and pleasant to stay in, so we decided to have a field trip. When we lived in Lincolnshire before, we drove some 7 miles or so every day to a plantation and … Continue reading

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For Mum

It’s been a year since my Mum passed away. It seems longer sometimes and other times only recently, I guess dementia does that, and the distance to travel too. Mum died on Winnie the Pooh Day. I found that out … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 1989

We were broke. I mean, really and truly strapped for cash. We’d done all of our Christmas shopping at car boot sales, managing to get something for everyone and just hoped no-one minded their gift wasn’t new or expensive. Actually, … Continue reading

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Christmas Goodies

I dreamt about food last night. It was a bit cruel bearing in mind the weight issues, but it got me thinking about all those goodies we treat ourselves to at Christmas. I’m not talking about a turkey dinner with … Continue reading

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Sunday Roast 16 December

The day has started beautiful and sunny, such a contrast to yesterday’s cold winds and heavy rain which didn’t let up until late last night. Getting Maggie out for a wee was all down to timing, and even then Hubby … Continue reading

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