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Monday, Meds and Motions

Hurrah! Three days in a row that Maggie has consumed a full dose of her meds. It’s been a week since we took her to the vet and we have three more doses to administer. Today was the turn of … Continue reading

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Back on the Menu

It started off as a good day, beautiful sunshine and we’d both slept pretty well. We even remembered to check the roads for possible hold ups, and allowed ourselves an extra half an hour for the trip as the main … Continue reading

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When it hits the fan…………….

We have a bit of a crisis  at the moment as it would appear that the doc has forgotten to tick the all important box for repeat meds and we have now run out. When we first came here, the … Continue reading

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Don’t bend me this way

I hobbled into the doctor’s surgery using a pair of sticks donated by Maggie’s surrogate mommy (henceforth referred to as MSM) who also gave me a lecture as she plied me with tea (and I hadn’t done anything bad!). Hubby … Continue reading

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