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Reaction to Pain Meds

I had an appointment to see my GP on Sept 9th to discuss pain medication for my arthritis and she prescribed Nefopam Hydrochloride. It wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I felt the need to take some, the … Continue reading

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Pill menu

For most of my life, I have not had to take medication on a regular basis. When I first got married, I was on The Pill until we were ready to start a family which actually never happened and I … Continue reading

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Reaction to New Meds

Despite me being on Anastozole for three years following Humphrey, Dick turned up so it was decided to change my meds. I was quite happy with that until I read the leaflet about the chosen alternative and did not want … Continue reading

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Meat free dinners

Each week, I try to do at least one meal that is meat free. I got into this habit years ago because I felt we were actually eating too much meat, and it was also a way of saving a … Continue reading

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Change in meds

Dick, or any other cancer, should not have materialised on the meds I was on following my original surgery in October 2016, so once he was evicted last year and I was given the all clear in November, it was … Continue reading

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PIlls and side effects: good or bad?

Some years ago, I went to the GP and she prescribed pain killers, but in so doing had to prescribe something else to protect my stomach ffrom the side effects of the pills she was prescribing.  ????? Yeah. That’s what … Continue reading

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The Early Bird gets the Doc

I’ve mentioned before how useless our GP surgery is, but there are times when we have to bite the bullet and abide by the system. After one cock-up too many, Hubby took the auto renewal procedure out of the prescription … Continue reading

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When the left doesn’t know what the right is doing

I’ve got to hand it to our surgery, they deserve an Oscar for their performance. Hubby is on yet more new pills, this time anti cholesterol that are not statins prescribed by the Consultant he saw at the hospital a … Continue reading

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Global warming? No, it’s me.

As the clock hurtles itself in a suicidal mission towards midnight, the temperature is going out of the day and Hubby will be surfacing shortly, having gone back to bed for a nap thanks to a blazing furnace during the … Continue reading

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A Bitter and Expensive Pill to Swallow

I am not one to take medication unless it is absolutely necessary or unavoidable. Actually I am very lucky insomuch as it is rare that I am ill, but when I am, I AM! Before I moved back to Dorset … Continue reading

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