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Cons and betrayal

The radio, newspapers and the internet are full of the Brexit shambles. Hubby and I have been listening to the MPs in parliament shouting and arguing for the past three days, votes are being cast now on amendments of amendments, … Continue reading

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Headline grabber 2: 31st July 2018

WARNING: not the usual kind of post from me, but the subject matter is enough to make anyone’s blood boil. When I was a kid, we had gangs, all boys, all girls and a mixture of the two and little … Continue reading

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No, this is nothing to do with the Little People that ‘borrow’ buttons, safety pins or other bits and pieces for their world. The media is full of changes being made to mortgage applications as from midnight tonight. Some of … Continue reading

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With the death of Phil Everly announced the other day at the age of 74,  and in 2013 the loss of Joan Fontaine (sister Olivia de Havilland) and Mike Winters (whose brother Bernie died in 1991) to name just 2, … Continue reading

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Animosity Unfounded

I am sure many of us at some time have met a complete stranger and thought ‘ I don’t like you’. It’s nothing they’ve said, or not said, not necessarily the way they look, but just ‘something’ you pick up … Continue reading

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