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Dinner and more cards

I had an early start to the day so got in a couple of posts before lunch. We had a lazy dinner today with leftover veg aka tatty cake, baked beans, and spam. Surprisingly, that wasn’t a ‘bad’ meal, as … Continue reading

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Bangers and Mash

Hubby and I have fond memories of bangers and mash, and a small cafe in Aberystwyth called Rumble Tums. For the princely sum of £6, you would get two sausages, mash and onion gravy with a side dish of 3 … Continue reading

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Meat free dinners

Each week, I try to do at least one meal that is meat free. I got into this habit years ago because I felt we were actually eating too much meat, and it was also a way of saving a … Continue reading

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I forgot…………………

Hands up all dieters who have skipped the occasional meal having either over indulged the day before and trying to improve the odds of weight loss? I’ve done it, did it for years actually, and did it yesterday. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Week Four : the pictures

It’s been a tough week, though I was very pleased with myself regarding the darts supper. It definitely pays not going out on an empty stomach! Food has been more or less the same meals but on different days, with … Continue reading

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Dear Food Diary

After having a mammoth session on my blog (sorry, I got a bit carried away earlier), I have spent most of the afternoon going through the SW literature with a hi-lighter. Several things have changed, including some weights and syn … Continue reading

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Change of tactics required maybe?

I got on the scales this morning and felt like crying. No matter which way I had them set or jiggled on them, they are going in the wrong direction. I know it’s not Monday, but I had hoped to … Continue reading

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What are we eating?

It’s Budget Day next week here in the UK and I wonder what our dear chancellor has up his sleeve to screw us for even more money we haven’t got. I read that there is a possibility of a Takeaway … Continue reading

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What’s Cookin’ ?

With my covering letter from the GP asking me to make an appointment for a blood test and Orange diabetes check which I had already done the week before, was a diet sheet. Not a diet sheet listing what I … Continue reading

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Grub Up!

As promised, I have religiously been keeping my foodsheet and diary to keep track of what I actually eat every day. I am keeping it downstairs in the kitchen so I don’t forget to update it, and can’t miss anything. … Continue reading

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