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Field trip………….. 4th August

The temperature was 24º C last night when I retired. It had been a hot day, but not as hot as expected. Come midnight, there was a distinct drop, so I got under the covers and don’t remember anything until … Continue reading

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Entertaining our guest: Day 6

Today we are intending to go to Boston market. It’s about an hour’s journey, so we’ll be leaving early in the hope of nabbing a parking space close to the town centre. The Saturday market is usually the bigger of the … Continue reading

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What we did today……..

We arrived in Boston quite early and were able to park in what we call The Toast Rack, as all parking spaces are at an angle to the kerb. The market here is on twice a week, though you get … Continue reading

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Dog-gone it

MOH took us for a field trip on Saturday to Wells as there was a market on. I thought he wanted something specific, but he was just being our considerate friend and giving us something else to think about to … Continue reading

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Steps in the right direction

Hubby says not to push my luck trying to do too much too soon as regards exercising my knee. He should know, he has been suffering for years, and knows just how easy it is to overdo things and put … Continue reading

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The Conman Market revisited

It’s hard to believe that I did my post on this subject a year ago. It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, the town is packed, and the High Street closed making way for the market stalls selling … Continue reading

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The Conman Market.

It doesn’t matter where we’ve lived, there has always been a market within a short driving distance. Most are twice a week, and there may be a slight difference in the number of stalls available or the wares on offer. … Continue reading

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I’ll give you fifty quid

It was raining first thing this morning, but by the time we’d got up, dressed and had breakfast, the sun was coming out so we decided to got out. Where to go was a bit of a toughie, as we’ve … Continue reading

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Market Day

Market Day in town where we used to live was on Wednesday (which included an auction) and Saturday. When we first arrived in Lincolnshire, there was plenty of choice and stalls, and a bargain could be had. Maggie had an … Continue reading

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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas……..

Today we did our final Christmas shopping. That is, our Ten Pound Dash, where we each have a tenner and go off in different directions for an hour or so to buy little things for each other to put under … Continue reading

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