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Bits and Bobs post

We’ve been doing a bit more work on the boat today, touching up a few blemishes in the varnish that had been missed in a different light, and have decided to put net curtains up on the bow doors now … Continue reading

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Sleeping in………… not

For the first time in years we forgot to put the clocks forward last night! British Summer Time is here and so when we awoke at 7.45, it was actually 8.45. Not that we’ve been playing catchup all day though. … Continue reading

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Back on the Air……… sort of

It has been an odd couple of days, and when it’s been time to settle down with the laptop and WP in the evening, we’ve been having a few problems. But you know, we’re used to it, the getting pi55ed … Continue reading

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Here we go again…………..

We can always tell when certain members of staff are on duty, it’s lunch time, and/or Management aren’t in the office. We’ve been busy again varnishing inside the boat and putting the finishing touches to the new blinds. Hubby has … Continue reading

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Bird Watch

I have only done the RSPB garden watch here once, but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice our feathered friends around us. This past weekend was wet, windy and cold, so the thought of sitting in the car with a … Continue reading

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Little People

I wonder what your first thought was when you saw my title? Hubby sometimes describes children as Little People, but then again at Christmas he would always leave a tiny parcel of food wrapped in silver foil at the bottom … Continue reading

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Sshh, sshh, it’s o so quiet………….

Beautiful isn’t it. This picture was taken on Sunday. The water was like a mill-pond, nothing stirred in Basin 2, even the ducks have vacated the area. Work is due to commence………………………….??

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