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A post about a post

No, it’s not this one from our beach walks: but a gate post. We got back from our afternoon walk and our neighbour was having her grass cut by the young lad who has a round here. She opened the … Continue reading

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Taking Advantage

On the subject of curious thought, here’s another one that is perhaps not so pleasant. Our neighbour recently had some work done at her house, which included the removal of two trees from her back garden, the tarmacing of her … Continue reading

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Debunged and flowing

Update on our blocked drain pipe. We were on the job sheet for 9.30 last night and had a call at 9.25 to say the team were on their way and would be with us between 10.30 and 10.45. I … Continue reading

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Boiler Care

When we bought the property a year ago, the previous owners fluffed and faffed about having the boiler serviced. Rather than hold up the sale, we went ahead, but as things turned out the boiler only worked when the heating … Continue reading

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Earthquakes, fence posts and a fox.

Hubby and I were sitting here quite comfortable this morning when I felt vibration under my feet. ‘Did you feel that?’ I asked. ‘Yes I did. I think it might have been an earth tremor,’ and he went back to … Continue reading

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Washing the washing machine

We were rather pleased to inherit a washing machine with the house as it was a make we were familiar with and had never had one let us down. It also saved us a couple of hundred pounds on our … Continue reading

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Whose fence is it?

Our garden is completely fenced in, and according to the deeds, our boundaries clearly defined. The fence to the right of our property from the road belongs to our neighbour. The fence on the left of our garden belongs to … Continue reading

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Going to Pot

No, I’m not about to hit the wacky baccy, but I am growing increasingly tired of the current state of affairs. Hubby and I have lived in a variety of properties, and at the end of our ‘tenure’ have always … Continue reading

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Boat DIY

Yep, we’ve been at it again, this time fixing a broken door catch. Hubby is good at fixing things. In fact, he fixed the catch last year by making a new spring out of a peg and it has lasted … Continue reading

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Tools of the Trade

The story behind the Mop Fair dates back to the 12th Century (see this post), but if you were asked what ONE tool would depict your trade, I wonder what you’d say? Mine is easy. Have pencil will travel. I … Continue reading

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