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Another vet visit

These days the word VET fills me with concern, dread and anxiety. No, this is not Maggie’s perspective, though I can well appreciate her own feelings on the matter as she backs tight against the seat when we pull up … Continue reading

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FOWC with Fandango — Encounter

I remember Maggie’s first encounter with a horse. We had covered practically everything in her introduction to town life and the human world, except horses and trains. She was never accepting of trains, and would hide behind Hubby’s legs if … Continue reading

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New phones

My mobile phone has been playing up insomuch as the screen suddenly reverses itself, and over the weekend was sporting a snazzy zigzag pattern like a pair of Rod Stewart pants from the 70s or the old ‘linehold’ on the … Continue reading

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Today is Monday 24th August

Our vet appointment this morning is just before 10 am, so we shall have to leave a good hour before that to ensure Maggie can have a potty break and do the business en route. I found a nice substantial … Continue reading

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Today is Tuesday 16th June……….. and she’s OK!!

We were up early as our appointment was at 9am but we wanted to give Maggie a walk as usual and treat it like a normal day…………… she wasn’t convinced. Photo December 2018 Hubby was allowed into the surgery as … Continue reading

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It’s a girl thing

WARNING: THIS IS NOT A POST FOR THE GUYS UNLESS THEY WANT TO TRY AND UNDERSTAND PMT/PMS. Women will understand all about periods, stomach cramps, crabbiness and mood swings at certain times of the month (or all the time if … Continue reading

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Worrying Wednesday

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
First and foremost, she’s OK. Taken at MOH’s earlier this year A little while ago, we discovered a lump and rather than panic straight away, kept an eye on it. Maggie has several wart like bumps…

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Roses are blooming and Maggie is ‘on guard’

Have just taken these of the Ancient Mariner with my phone Top: both roses on the bush Bottom:  left the small bud, right the main rose, and you can just make out another bud And also these of Maggie guarding … Continue reading

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Back to our routine

She’s back. Yep, herding us towards the door at specific times, her ladyship is back to normal. She got me up at 4.41 this morning, but that wasn’t a problem as I was awake anyway, so I donned slippers, joggers … Continue reading

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Maggie update May 1st

This is a shitty post, but then I’m a dog owner and it’s important to check! No more rice, the last of the chicken, and back to her normal dinner, meals and limited treats. The poos are poo shaped, poo … Continue reading

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