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All the threes?

It’s 3.33 according to the little clock on my laptop, and Maggie has got me up three times tonight. Bless her, she’s been violently sick, done a massive poo and a big wee, her stomach is churning madly, but despite … Continue reading

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Eye hurts shoulder

Well, perhaps not exactly. For a couple of days now we’ve noticed that Maggie’s had a weepy eye. She’s not been bothering it as some animals do with constant scratching or rubbing, but we’ve been keeping our eye on it … Continue reading

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Only two today

Only two posts today as we have been busy and I’m shattered. It’s going to be strange next week without Hubby, and I will have to go everywhere on foot so Maggie will be getting lots of walks as we … Continue reading

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Chinese Chicken, all fall down

We had a chinese last night as we were late getting back to the B&B. Usual stuff, sweet and sour chicken balls in batter and boiled rice. We ate it in the car having asked for two containers as I … Continue reading

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Finished and done!

After walking the dog, I finished the Venice puzzle this morning as failing light and a light bulb prevented me from doing so yesterday (though I did go for it!). I then got my personal choice and began to sort … Continue reading

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Old age is catching up with us all.

Poor Maggie was sick first thing this morning. Luckily for me I recognised the signs and was able to get her downstairs and outside beforehand. We think it was because she found some mashed potatoes put out for the birds … Continue reading

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July 13: Flash Fiction Challenge

July 13, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about an unexpected landing. It can be acrobatic, an unplanned move or created into a metaphor. Go where the prompt, or chickens, lead. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/12307624/posts/1526289081 Down at … Continue reading

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