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M is for MOH

Some people may wonder what kind of woman I am if I say I have two husbands. Yes, I was married before, getting my divorce in 1981, so he doesn’t count. I have been happily married to Hubby for 24 … Continue reading

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It doesn’t matter how rich you are, Money does not seem to buy you loyalty. Take Simon Cowell. He had an affair with his best friend’s wife, made her pregnant, the marriage broke up, and now Cowell and said lady … Continue reading

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You know you wanna……..

I am always having imaginary conversations in my head over potential scenarios. Hubby took this photo this morning of our Love Birds from the other day. Him: Don’t be silly. Come over here and sit in the sunshine. Her: No. … Continue reading

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A Dog for Christmas?

The ‘C’ time is almost upon us, the time of year when some people will think about getting a puppy. Most breeders will let pups leave their mothers at about 7 or 8 weeks, so bitches will be having their … Continue reading

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Cash or Plastic?

  I read in the paper recently that they intend to replace our current bank notes with plastic ones. New Zealand and Canada already have them, so I guess if cash in your pockets finds its way into the washing … Continue reading

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