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Passing Over

The road ahead is long and lonely, There is one I care for only, Keeping his place within my heart, Knowing we’ll never be apart. ‘I love you dearly’, he’d always say, ‘But you know it’s impossible for me to … Continue reading

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Saturday Mix — Lorraine 04.02.17: A Love Story.

Thank you Lorraine for an interesting mix of challenges for the weekend. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/19271780/posts/1325349246 I’ve chosen Love with a twist: Craft a “love story” in 25 to 150 words, with an unforeseen twist at the end. She knew she looked her best, and … Continue reading

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Sleep, the final frontier

Sleep softly my Lovely, Dream of peace and tranquility. Sleep soundly, my Love In a place of beauty and serenity. Sleep gently my Darling, Be enfolded in love everlasting. Sleep deeply, my Dearest, In comfort and warmth eternal. Sleep safely … Continue reading

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I’m here, Haiku poem No 2

I rest my hand here, Protecting you from demons, Your heart remains mine.

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Young Love

I have never lived alone. Even when my marriage failed and a following relationship went belly up, I had somewhere to go, someone to care, someone to help pick up the pieces. I have also written my view on the … Continue reading

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The Helping Hand

‘Let me help you with that,’ he said as she struggled to open the door carrying umpteen packages. With a grateful smile, she thanked him, even more so as he took the heaviest bags from her and with ease carried … Continue reading

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Passing on the Light

A symbol of faith, such a simple thing, Our way of respect and remembering Loved ones passed, the dearest of kin, Opening our hearts to let peace in. A candle stands alone so bright, A guiding beacon in the night, … Continue reading

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I Love you Mum

I have reblogged a post entitled The Heartbreak of Dementia today and although I know my Mum won’t be reading this, I hope she knows somewhere in her mind that I think of her every day. Sadly, I also know … Continue reading

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For You Mum

It’s Mothering Sunday today. Everyone has (or had) a Mother, Mum, Mom, Ma, Mama, Mummy, whatever you like to call her. For some, they are no longer with us, but we remember them often, not just today. Many, like me, … Continue reading

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Once in a life Time

I woke up this morning, and as is my usual habit, automatically looked at the illuminated display on our digital clock radio. It was early. Five thirty to be exact, but according to the dog’s body clock, it was time … Continue reading

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