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I didn’t know him well

The phone call had Sad news to tell But I confess I didn’t know him well.

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I wonder

I wonder if you are missing me, Who I am or was meant to be. But times have changed and now I’ll find I’m probably the furthest from your mind. I guess I sometimes fleetingly rise To the surface behind … Continue reading

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Mum’s Swan

My father died the day after my 40th birthday. I was working for an international bank at the time, and there was no question about the compassionate leave I was entitled to for the loss of a parent. It was … Continue reading

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Rainbow Bridge

I have just read a heartbreaking post, and my thoughts are with the writer. I feel now is a good time to repost this, something I found of comfort. Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called … Continue reading

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A Day tinged with Sadness

I have mentioned in previous posts about the quarry we walk the dogs in when visiting our friend. After the dire weather yesterday, we decided we deserved a field trip so gave him a call to see if he’d like … Continue reading

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Our Boy

We had been without a dog for several years, but on August 5th 1995 we brought Barney and his brother Rubble home. They were border collies. Sadly, every time we closed our front door, Rubble became physically distressed and we … Continue reading

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It doesn’t matter how rich you are, Money does not seem to buy you loyalty. Take Simon Cowell. He had an affair with his best friend’s wife, made her pregnant, the marriage broke up, and now Cowell and said lady … Continue reading

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The Price of Freedom

She looked down into the valley and remembered the excitement she had felt from this very same spot five years ago. As she’d rounded this particular bend so long ago, her heart had been overflowing with love at the prospect … Continue reading

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The Departure Lounge

It was like any other waiting room really. A few pictures hung on the wall and it was decorated in gentle hues that were pleasing and restful to the eyes. There were other people waiting, but not much was being … Continue reading

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Losing One’s Way

When you lose a parent or partner, their loss is felt more than just on a personal level. Like a web, they are the common thread holding things together. Take that thread away, then the structure and support can collapse.

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