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For Sue

Like so many, I am saddened to learn that our friend and WP colleague has passed away. Though we all knew it was inevitable, it still comes as a heavy blow. We never met, other than the comments sections on … Continue reading

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Sue Vincent, friend and co-creator

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Sue Vincent passed from this organic life into the world of Being, early this morning. Her partner, Stuart France, was with her, as was her family. (Above: Sue about to have lunch outside one…

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Dear Diary 10 March 2021

It’s been a funny day, not ha ha but disjointed and foreboding. I guess the wet weather hasn’t helped. It’s been raining much of the day, but we managed a walk this morning and again this evening. Hubby went out … Continue reading

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Humans and pets

I’ve had two instances of sad news today, one about a relative, and the other about a beloved pet. Other Brother rang me earlier to let me know a cousin had died a few days before Christmas. Apparently my uncle … Continue reading

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Whispering Reeds

Can you hear the reeds Whispering to you on the breeze, Such a gentle melodic refrain, It softly calls out your name. Can you hear the call of the night Just before dawn’s early light, Your breath cascades in the … Continue reading

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Death in the Family…… walk thoughts

Perhaps an odd thing to be thinking about walking the dog, although bearing in mind the date, maybe not. My brother-in-law died seven years ago today. He was 54. It was a shock for everyone, and for me, the catalyst … Continue reading

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Between Then and Now

I wear my heart on an open page, Free for all to read if they take the time, But who can see what’s not visible here, Realise what is written between the lines. Who can relate to a pain so … Continue reading

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A Memory Dances

A memory dances, Distant, elusive Teasing as it passes In and out of thought. Seconds seem like hours, Days, a minute of time, A forgotten, yet familiar face, Is lost in a single blink of an eye. Limbs in rhythm, … Continue reading

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The Loss of 2016

If nothing else, this year will go down as one of the worst for losing well known and loved celebrities, artists, and actors. It has just been announced of the death of Carrie Fisher, and the last few days have … Continue reading

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Loss of a friend

The word ‘friend’ covers a multitude of people as they pass through our lives. To me ‘friend’ is one of many words in our language that is used too casually, simply because there isn’t another suitable to describe someone who … Continue reading

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