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They say a mirror of above is below, Branches reaching high, Not touching the sky, With roots buried deep. A secret network Of Life old and new Only half of it seen, Half hidden from view. Stretching out, reaching down … Continue reading

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Time Presses On

Actually, this should be my title for a post in March as the clocks went BACK yesterday, not forward. In the past, this time change played havoc with Maggie and it usually takes a couple of months for her to … Continue reading

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A picture says a thousand words, But these are some that won’t be heard. Protected, hiding behind the glass Catching your eye as you walk past. I remember every line Of this my life, my world, Our time. The good, … Continue reading

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Swallows and our own Amazon

There was a firework display somewhere last night, and poor Maggie didn’t know where to put herself. It was loud and went on for about 20 minutes. I don’t want to have to resort to doggy medication, but she was … Continue reading

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It doesn’t matter how rich you are, Money does not seem to buy you loyalty. Take Simon Cowell. He had an affair with his best friend’s wife, made her pregnant, the marriage broke up, and now Cowell and said lady … Continue reading

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Spiders and The Budget

WARNING ALL ARACHNOPHOBICS: CREEPY CONTENT Looking at this image, I feel brave just writing this as anyone who read my ‘Love ’em or eight ’em’ will understand. To begin. I had a dream last night. And ‘Bert’ here (I call … Continue reading


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Once in a life Time

I woke up this morning, and as is my usual habit, automatically looked at the illuminated display on our digital clock radio. It was early. Five thirty to be exact, but according to the dog’s body clock, it was time … Continue reading

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I like Sundays, and it’s not because I can have a lie in as those are every day possibilities now. If I’m awake relatively early and tune in to the radio between 6 and 7 am, I can listen to … Continue reading

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First of all………….

Our lives are full of firsts, from our first breath at birth, first tooth, first step, first school, first fight. Without them, we go nowhere, do nothing, learn little and miss out on so much. I suppose the most prominent … Continue reading

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