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Sometimes the world seems to be turning without you. It’s a weird feeling, as you’re awake but walking in a haze, putting one foot in front of the other as a matter of course, but totally unaware of which direction … Continue reading

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We need a plan

Hubby and I gave up planning anything years ago as it always went belly up. With so much going on just now, it became obvious that we would need a plan, as it is not so much a question of … Continue reading

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Life is a Yo Yo

Hands up all of you who remember this little gadget which was very popular when I was a child. I could never do tricks like loops and rolling it along the floor, but I could maintain the up and down … Continue reading

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Life in a Box

We found a shoe box the other day, Something forgotten, but not thrown away, Scores of images filled it to the brim, Pictures of me, and pictures of him. Photos of landscapes, sun, sea and sand, Candlelit dinners, him holding … Continue reading

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Ages to Aged

Birthdays come and quickly go, Excitement builds as a child knows: Parties, gifts, games, cake and balloons, Childhood innocence over way too soon. Adolescent years, some good, some bad, Spots and boyfriends, but fun to be had, Experience of love, … Continue reading

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Have a good day.

Another day is almost over, and as usual one of us will turn to the other and ask ‘Have we had a good day today?’ “Have a nice day”, or “Have a good day” always reminds me of our friends … Continue reading

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Secret formula

Scoring points of likes and views, Commenting on don’ts and do’s Comparing stuff and things we use, What makes the perfect Post? Home and cooking tips on a Blog, Life in general, boat and dog, Nature’s beauty, the whole hog….. … Continue reading

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The Other Side

I saw another side of life yesterday. It is a sign of the times we live in and of a Government that basically couldn’t care less about those who are struggling to make ends meet, Politicians who cannot see the … Continue reading

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He say, She say

Here’s a thought for you. People come up with some brilliant sayings or metaphors. Definition of Metaphor: “a figure of speech containing an implied comparison, in which a word or phrase ordinarily and primarily used of one thing is applied … Continue reading

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Nowhere to run

Closing in, slamming me down, Backing me into a corner. No room to turn, no place to hide, Forcing me into surrender. NO! I won’t do it, I won’t give in, I’ll stand my ground and fight, Though I know … Continue reading

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