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Mind willing, hands not so much

I have been meaning to write my monthly Hello cards to our friends for the last fortnight but September was a busy month for us as we had umpteen doctors, hospital and vet appointments so my letter writing very much … Continue reading

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Old ways

Five Hello cards will hit five mats in a couple of days. On the backs of 4 are a little smiley sticker and a warning ‘IT’S BRIGHT!’ These went to my aunt, who is my Dad’s sister and in her … Continue reading

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Going round in circles…………..

Sometimes I think too much, and I’ve been thinking today. Yeah, I know. My brain hurts, but I’ve taken a couple of paracetamol. Someone once said to me that they only keep in touch with people who keep in touch … Continue reading

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Letter to Mum and the Dads

We lit candles for you yesterday and today. Not the usual tea lights as your pictures are under the tree and it would have been a fire hazard, but we had two red glitter lights that were battery operated and … Continue reading

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Letter Writing

Way back on August 1st, Cyranny posted a Kind Hearted Challenge about writing a letter to someone you hadn’t been in contact with for a while. This was my response post and yesterday I made my Hello Cards. I was … Continue reading

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A bit of old fashioned contact

I wrote a couple of letters today, you know, the old fashioned variety with pen and paper (well, pretty card), envelope and a stamp. I keep in contact with a lot of people via email, text messages, and the odd … Continue reading

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Pretty, pretty

I didn’t get round to making any cards yesterday afterall, neither did I write my letters, so that was on the agenda for today. My plan was to make several I could use as letter cards rather than for greetings, … Continue reading

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A Day of (the) Rest

Today has been a good day, as I have done things I haven’t been able to do for quite a while. Well, maybe that’s not quite true, and I should rephrase that to things I haven’t got round to. Our … Continue reading

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