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Wishy washy, all dry

We were lucky in that the previous home owners decided to leave us the washing machine in the kitchen. It saved us about two hundred pounds, which as things turned out, has been a bit of a life saver in … Continue reading

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Have you ever thought

just how heavy dirt is? I ask, because the laundry bag is always lighter going back to the boat. Has anyone else noticed that dirty washing always weighs heavier than clean?

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A Sign of the Times

I’ve mentioned on several occasions how much I miss having a washing line. Each time we do the laundry, it sets us back a fiver, and as we do a load every 5 days or so, you can imagine the … Continue reading

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My new office

I am back in the laundry, actually well, doing the laundry! Hubby was ill in the night and had to get up at 2am to get to the toilet block. I let him sleep on this morning, and walked the … Continue reading

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Hot and Sweaty

We’ve had another night of torrential rain and heavy winds, but as the boat swayed, creaked, pinged and rattled, we weren’t worried. We were both awake at 6.45 and it was still raining, so Hubby decided to be productive in … Continue reading

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It’s the Little Things

When my Mum had her first knee replacement, my Dad surprised her by not only making cups of tea and cooking her meals, but also doing the housework.

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Part 2: Camping with a purpose. Camping Chronicles 5

It was a nightmare almost from the start. Once the rain started, it never seemed to stop, but we carried on and as long as we could keep the three of us and our bedding dry, we managed for several … Continue reading

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The First Time, Camping Chronicles 2

It was the summer of 1989, and Hubby (though not my Hubby then) decided it was time to educate me in the camping stakes. The last time I’d been under canvas was when I was a teenager. Times had changed, … Continue reading

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