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Inch by Inch

With all the rain from yesterday, I was curious as to how our lake had fared. Obviously the town would be in dire straits if it was full now! I took the above pictures a fortnight ago. The water was … Continue reading

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Separate Days

We all have them when we or our partners want to do our own thing and/or offers of help aren’t wanted. We’re left dangling wondering what to do with ourselves, can’t settle and feel basically like a fifth wheel and … Continue reading

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Like The White Rabbit………….

I’m late. If TWR had a blog, I would be his secretary, and probably fired. I’ve just posted something I was working on yesterday as I had so much trouble with it, I gave up. That was at 10 to … Continue reading

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Nature’s Way

I mentioned a couple of days ago that we’d seen the first ducklings on the lake. There had been no adults taking any notice, so we just hoped they were exploring on their own. Yesterday, we saw just one, paddling … Continue reading

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Lakeside walk: 11th April

We have been wondering if Maggie’s ‘disobedience’ off lead is due to familiarity, that is she knows where she is, so doesn’t need us! Today, it has been so gloriously sunny, even if still a bit on the chilly side, … Continue reading

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Fish and flips

I walked Maggie this morning as usual through the park, up to the prom, back through the park and round the Avenue to home, meeting up with quite a few regular walkers. Although overcast, it was quite warm, so no … Continue reading

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All Present and Correct

We were up early again this morning and this time decided to walk through the park rather than along the prom. We met up with several people we’ve come to know, getting into conversation about the ducklings and goslings this … Continue reading

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A walk round the lake

On Sunday, MOH took us to Shearwater Lake. It’s possible we’ve been there before, though to be honest, it didn’t seem that familiar. There was a fishing competition on, so the banks were dotted with tents and poles with several … Continue reading

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