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Recurring thoughts inside my head, Extracting me from peaceful sleep: Silence abounds, all is still, Time ticks slowly on. Light dawns, raising me from my bed Exhausted, pulled from slumber deep, Swallow a single magical pill, Sleep may eventually come.

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Stop! Think!

Everything is harder When you’re tired. Nothing is a pleasure, When tiredness takes over. Little niggles become mountains When sleep has been deprived, Tempers have no fuse and blow When rest has been denied. People can be tiresome And Patience … Continue reading

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Eating a dream

or perhaps I should say Dream Eating. We’ve all heard Tommy Cooper’s joke about the guy who dreamt he ate a ten pound marshmallow and when he woke up, his pillow was missing. Well, my dream was a little bit … Continue reading

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New Duck on the Block

Hoover Duck is making his presence felt. He’s a cocky little swine, forever standing on his tail, flapping his wings and flashing his bits at the females as they propel themselves sedately by. Lately, he has taken to doing fancy … Continue reading

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