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Hats off to you

Today has been a mixed bag of a day, starting with me getting up later than usual. Our neighbour had a problem with her gate and asked Hubby to come and help her close it. It needed a shave, so … Continue reading

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Picture Knits

Speaking of Hubby tying bows in Mum’s yarn as she knitted makes me remember just how many jumpers, cardigans and matinĂ©e sets for babies she must have knitted over the years. If anyone was expecting a baby, be it family … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Woolly Pully

We’ve all had one, that favourite jumper we’ve worn practically 24/7 from the day we were given it, the one however tatty we’re loathe to dispose of, the one that if human, would have been given a State Funeral. I … Continue reading

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A stitch in time………….

Inspiration struck yesterday as I was people watching. Baggy was ‘in’, right? My jumper didn’t shrink in the wash, neither did it stretch, but it would definitely keep me warm which was the original object of the exercise. I’d darned … Continue reading

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It’s finished. Completely. All seams sewn, all loose ends sewn in. If I say so myself, I’ve done a tidy job. Except it’s too big.

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