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Duffel or Donkey

I bought Hubby a couple of puzzle books as part of our £10 dash at Christmas, and have to say they are somewhat of a disappointment. My own fault, I should have looked more closely, as instead of the anticipated … Continue reading

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Big Weekend

This weekend marks an annual festival/carnival for the town with a market, side stalls, games and rides, and a parade scheduled through the High Street on Saturday afternoon and boat parade from the marina on Sunday. Hubby and I walked … Continue reading

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Take it away! Take it away!

I heard these cries as I was coming out of the supermarket the other day. Hubby and Maggie were out of the car, and a young boy was dragging himself away from them, pulling hard on his Grandmother’s arm. This … Continue reading

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Easter laughter

It was absolutely glorious at 8am, and we decided we’d take the boat out after breakfast. Unfortunately, Mr Cloudy almost rained on our parade as it came over very dark and dull, and the temperature dropped by several degrees, so … Continue reading

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Bah, Humbug

Alastair Sim will always be Scrooge to me. The film of the same name was made in 1951, so a few years before I was born, but his portrayal of the miser is infamous and by far the best character … Continue reading

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Then and Now…….?

How times (and childhoods) have changed. When I was a child, outside influences intrigued us, our curiosity was encouraged and we asked endless questions more or less as soon as we discovered our vocal chords.

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Today we got…………………

I’m cheating a bit and referring back to yesterday’s ‘Post early‘ We were up at 2.30 this morning, had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast, and hit the road just before 4.00am. How different familiar roads look in the dark.

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The Dog Did It.

Poor dog, he gets the blame for so many things and nine times out of ten he’s probably innocent. Most dogs chew, be it slippers, shoes, furniture, car upholstery, bedding, and I even know of one Jack Russell that developed … Continue reading

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Games People Play

Games can be between adults, children or a mixture of the two. Card games, box games, verbal games, visual games, strategy games, logic games, sports, you pick. This post is about the less strenuous varieties, those you can play almost … Continue reading

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