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Spur of the moment

It was a sunny and pleasant start to the day, so we thought about a trip Down South to visit my Mum. We decided not to ring in advance and would just take pot luck as it would be nice … Continue reading

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Trains, boats and planes

Hubby hasn’t had a holiday in over 10 years. I know this because, not only am I his wife, but the last holiday we took together was when Maggie’s predecessor was alive and we went camping, so this would have … Continue reading

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It’s been a long day.

Hubby woke up this morning cold because there was a lot of space between him, the edge of the bed and the duvet. It was 6am, so normal get up time for him and the dog was ready to go … Continue reading

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Beam Me Up

One of my favourite TV series from yesteryear was Star Trek (1966-69) . Captain Kirk always got the girl, McCoy got the laughs, Mr Spock had the eyebrow exercise, Uhura spoke to everyone through her ear appendage and Scottie engineered … Continue reading

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David Copperfield is alive and well

For me, the Master of Illusion is David Copperfield. Years ago, I remember him making elephants, trains, tanks and buildings disappear, and saw him ‘walk through’ the Great Wall of China (even if it was all on TV) . Magical. … Continue reading

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