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Kennel Maid

Regular readers will know I love dogs. No matter what size or breed, in the majority of cases they love me too (it helps having a biscuit pocket, and word gets around pretty fast in the doggie world). We got … Continue reading

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Back in Time

As I sit at this computer terminal, it is hard to believe just how much I’ve forgotten, apart from the frustrations. Funny how I never thought I’d get used to a laptop, and now I’m trying to come to grips … Continue reading

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Back to work?

When I was made redundant in 2001, it was only the second time I had to ‘sign on’ and become a Government Statistic of the unemployed. My previous experience in 1981 hadn’t been too bad, and I found a temporary … Continue reading

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The Power of One

I remember when the mechanic in the garage would service Dad’s car. He’d do everything, but these days, it’s all done by computer. The ‘engine technician’ just hooks the car up and plugs it in, twiddles a few knobs, tweaks … Continue reading

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The Last Day

Today is the Last Day of the year. Goodbye and good riddance to a lousy one for us. It got me thinking to a number of ‘Last Days’ I’ve experienced. I suppose the first Last Day I can remember was … Continue reading

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